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Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 through Monday, January 19th, 2015

10:00 AM - 10:00 AM

San Francisco, CA

If you're a national association with hundreds or thousands of members, it's likely that you host one or more membership-based events per year. These conferences are the best way to deepen knowledge and networking within a given industry or interest area, as well as to keep members up-to-date on the organization's goals and activities.


Managing members and managing events tend to be seen as separate tasks, with separate software and support systems. But with DW Event, you can simultaneously build an association's membership infrastructure and use that to effectively plan your next event.


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1 Bankruptcy and Pending Litigation: Relief from Stay to Continue Litigation, Removal & Remand
5 Really Interesting Legal Ethics Stuff
6 Writing to Non-Lawyers About Law
7 Insurance Law for Litigators
9 Best Practices: Representing a Client Before the IRS
10 Can Clients Make Gifts to Non-Family Members Now?
12 Learn From The Courts' Appellate Research Attorneys - Real Insiders
13 Family Law Nuts & Bolts
14 Ethical Attorney Advertising and Solicitation in the Social-Media Age
15 Time Management for Attorneys: Work Smarter, Not Harder
16 Keep Good Clients in a Bad Economy
17 How to Read Between the Lines of a Financial Statement
18 Beyond Redevelopment: Local Economic Development Mechanisms
19 Hot Issues in Construction Law
20 Making the Right Impression with Proper Courtroom Demeanor and Decorum
21 Navigating Anti-Discrimination Laws in Housing
22 Bankruptcy: Overview of the Tax Rules and New Developments
23 Banking and Financial Services: Aftermath or Aftershocks?
24 Consumer Bankruptcy 101: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Consumer Bankruptcy
25 Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act
26 Global Best Practices Under Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
27 Social Media Grows Up: The Legal and Effective Business Use of Social Media
28 Lawyers Leading Lawyers
29 Coping Successfully with the Challenges of Legal Practice
30 Google for Legal Professionals
31 Client Trust Accounts: Understanding the Ins and Outs
32 Defending Public Officials Accused of Corruption
33 Beware: Advocacy May be Construed as Malicious
34 2011 / 2012 Tax Legislative Update
35 Discovery and Law and Motion in Probate Litigation
36 Who Is Watching You? Introduction to Online Privacy
37 Appellate Ethics, Sanctions, and Malpractice Traps
38 Getting Paid: Fee Agreements That Work
39 Laying a Foundation for the Admission of Evidence
40 Privacy: Protecting Your Clients and Your Firm
41 Mastering the Art of Trial Presentation
42 Low to No-Cost Internet Applications: E-Tools For Lawyers
43 Coaching for the New Practitioner: What They Didn't Teach You in Law School
44 The Changing World of Commercial Leasing
45 Best Practices: A Practical Approach to Unbundling in Family Law
46 Three Judges -- Three Perspectives on Attorney Ethics
47 California State & Municipal Finance
48 Psychiatric Injuries: From Injury AOE/COE to Sequelae of Orthopedic Injuries
49 Access to Justice: Critical Issues and Recent Developments
50 Armistice or Armageddon? Arbitration Wars
51 Punitive Damages: What Every Litigator Should Know
52 Grace Under Pressure: Successfully Handling Fee Disputes
53 Attorney Advertising, Ethics and Insurance Issues in the Cyberspace Era
54 Neuroscience and Psychology of Bias in the Courtroom and Legal Practice
55 The Parentage Puzzle: Making Sense of California Parentage Law
56 Ethical Issues Arising in the Intellectual Property Space
57 The Legal Challenges to Addressing Human Trafficking in California
58 Supreme Court Summary 2010
59 Drafting and Enforcing Effective ADR Provisions
60 Employment Relationship in a Social Media Environment: From 1st Amendment to Facebook and Beyond
61 Internal Compensable Consequence Injuries
62 Show Me the Note” and Other Recent Developments in California Foreclosure Law and Deficiencies
63 Mock Mediation: A Behind the Scenes Look at a Mediation
64 Ethical and Malpractice Traps in Settlement Negotiations
65 Your Fair Share: Fee Sharing and Liens
66 Ethics Update 2011: Significant Developments in the Law of Lawyering
67 Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions and Civil Collateral Consequences for Non-Citizens
68 Top Ten Global Employment Bell Ringers of 2011
69 Up & Out: Succession Planning for Lawyers
70 Public Speaking for Attorneys
71 Proposition 26 Impact on the State and Local Governments
72 The Basics of Terminating Residential Tenancies
73 Recent Developments in Probate, Trust, Guardianships and Conservatorships
74 Medical Treatment Issues in a Post SB899 World
75 Retreat or Counterattack: Evaluating the Bankruptcy Chapter 7 or 11 or 13 Options
76 Ten Things Every Attorney Should Know About Insurance Coverage For Business Litigation
77 Basic Skills Training for Every New Attorney
78 Protecting Your Solo Practice or Small Firm
79 Ethical Screens in California: To Be or Not to Be?
80 Juvenile Dependency: An Overview for Family Law Practitioners
81 Understanding and Managing Global Data Privacy Compliance
82 2011: Warp Speed Kills –- Ethics and Electronic Information
84 Public Trust Doctrine in the Water Law Context: A Retrospective View of National Audubon Society
85 Arbitration Process Design: A Practical Approach to Winning
86 The Issues with ‘I Love You’ Trusts, and Other Community/Separate Property Problems Confronting Married Clients
87 Top Ten Litigation Tips for Workers' Compensation Cases
88 Encountering Cultural Complexities In Cross-Border Cases
89 Mergers, Acquisitions and Dissolution Basics
90 U.S. Supreme Court Update
91 Discovery Requirements for the Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys: Avoiding Sanctions
92 Hot Topics in Trademak Law for Non-IP Attorneys
93 Cross-Border Litigation Issues and Strategies
94 Beyond Pereira and Van Camp: The Reality Show
95 Martin Dean's Tips & Tricks
96 Expedited Jury Trials are Here: Are You Ready?
97 The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
98 Environmental Issues Affecting Real Property in Bankruptcy
99 Ethics and Loan Modification
100 Registered Domestic Partners & Same-Sex Married Couples Tax Update
101 Medical Legal Reporting and How to Make Your Point
102 A Primer on California Competition Law
103 Don’t Lie to Me: Uncovering Untruths in the Negotiation Process
104 Key Developments In Ninth Circuit Practice And Procedure
105 Dealing with Difficult Clients While Maintaining Your Professional Responsibilities
106 Jury Selection Techniques: Elimination of Bias & Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls
107 Recent Developments in Family Law
108 Immigration and Export Control: Renewed Focus of DHS
109 Workplace Investigations on Trial: Can an Investigation Make or Break Your Case?
110 How Lawyers Get in Trouble and How You Can Avoid the Same Fate
111 A Beginner's Guide to Writ Practice
112 Helping Veterans: Penal Code 1170.9
113 Social Networking and Professional Responsibility: Can they Co-Exist?
114 Non-judicial Forclosure in California--How to Get It Right
115 The 2010 Tax Act: An Estate Planning and Administrative Update
116 Becoming a Board Certified Legal Specialist (Exam 10/25/11!)
117 The Joys of Solo Appellate Practice
118 Client Trust Accounting
119 What's in it for You? Increasing Your Practice Through Diversity
120 Ethical Closing Arguments
121 Endangered Species
122 Developments in Patent Law for Non-IP attorneys
123 Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
124 Summary Judgment: Recent Developments and the View From the Bench
125 Real Property Transactions: Staying Out of Criminal Court
126 An Inside Look at California’s Attorney Discipline System
127 How to Fire Employees (Without Getting Burned)
128 Tax and Family Law Issues: The Fundamentals
129 Board Governance: When Does It Become Director’s Negligence
130 Pleading My First Real Property Lawsuit
131 Plaintiffs' Undocumented Status in Tort Actions: What Every Civil Attorney Should Know About Immigration Law
132 Electronic Evidence and Discovery in Family Law Cases
133 Hot Topics in International Intellectual Property Law
134 Metrics of Law Practice Financial Health
136 Rethinking the Value of Emotions: A Trial Lawyer's Quest for Better Decision Making
137 How Many Gs are there in Confidential?
138 Dealing With Difficult Clients and Opposing Counsel: Successful Strategies and Tactics
139 Federal and State Update: Personal and Estate & Gift Tax
140 International Estate Planning for the Domestic Practitioner
141 Addressing Your Client’s Intellectual Property Needs in Business Transactions
142 Litigating a Case in Probate Court: The Basics in Sixty Minutes
143 Basic Family Law Enforcement
144 Truth or Consequences: E-Discovery Facts and Fallacies
145 Recent Developments in Constitutional Law
146 Lawyer on the Rocks
147 Affirmative Litigation on Behalf of Public Entities
148 Attorney Communications in the Cyber Era
149 Corporate and Partnership Tax Update
150 Trust Accounting Boot Camp
151 Deuce-A-Rama: DUI Representations and Practices, Parts 1 & 2
152 Preparing and Opposing Pre-Trial Motions
153 Elimination of Bias (in the Legal Profession) as Good Business and a Moral and Ethical Imperative
154 "Twitting" About the New "Face" of Practicing Law in the Electronic Age
155 Victim Restitution and Civil Cases
156 Top Issues in International Mergers & Acquisitions
157 2011 Annual Employment Law Update
158 Medi-Cal Long Term Planning Strategies Under the Deficit Reduction Act and California’s New and Proposed Regulations