Senate Bill 13 (Wyland - 2007)
Sep 20, 2008

Requires the California Department of Education to include specified questions in the application for new construction plan approval.

The author states that "In California, approximately 25% of students entering high school complete the "a-g" requirements, which are the college prep-courses that meet the minimum standards for attending the UC, CSU and most four year college systems. However, the remaining 75% of high school students are left with pathways that are less clear. CTE classes help students explore future career options, directly preparing them for post-high school training or work. Additionally, CTE classes are a proven means of keeping students engaged enough in high school to pass their classes and graduate. With the state prepared to spend billions of dollars on public works infrastructure projects, this bill will help to ensure that California is producing a well-trained and educated workforce to meet the incredible growth in healthcare, technology, manufacturing, building/construction trades, and many other skilled careers. Students who are prepared to enter the workforce immediately after high school can be successful members of our society if they receive the entry level skills they need in high school."

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