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Irreducible Complexity
Isurge, Jimmy Brake Oct 23, 2005

Continued amazement and still feeling well ............. a little let down that my fellow man just cannot seem to get over living in the past.

As some of us fly robots to other planets, engineer and alter our own design, as we rip apart and re-assemble the fabric of our very existance most of man kind really wants to hang on to the dark ages. The dark ages, that time in our past when religion (Christianity) ruled Europe and well it sucked, and that is why they called it the dark ages. Anyhow people once again are doing their best to stick their head in the sand and simply say ... 'irreducible complexity'. This basically means since it is to much work for me to think about it must mean God did it.

It's good that people are humble, but sometimes being humble and being conveniently lazy are swapped out, 'irreducible complexity'. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and pretty much all religions need to look at life for what it is. During our lives we can work together and make our time of existance a time of happiness and enlightenment or we can do something else. Let me spell it out, we have not found heaven, we have not found hell, we have not found God(s). Nothing not a shred of evidence to support the existance of these pillars of religous faith. What we have found is that fractals pervaid everything, that cyles are normal, that change is a constant, and that we are lucky to be here.

Intelligent design, 'irreducible complexity' I design software and computer netwoks all day long 5 to 6 days a week. I think about my job constantly trying to figure out how to make these really dumn machines do something useful. What I see all the time, is people being to lazy to read or simply not understanding what they read, so I have to add complexity to my software for those people. No fault, peoples heads are built different lots of people simply have poor reading comprehension, they are never going to get it, they are happy to pay me to 'just make it work'. Software evolves and evolution is not pretty, maintaining source code so that it is readable and maintainable is a lot of work. Evolution does not care about design it cares about usability. Will it survive is evolutions eternal question as each new baby is born. Software is constantly upgraded and extended till at some point a flaw that happened long ago and is not fixable except by a completely new design (extinction). Aka Intelligent Design is not at work because if it was extinction would not be a part of our reality, also tragedies would not be a part of life. The line about how god works in mysterious ways is another way of not facing the reality of there is no god. Same as saying you must have faith. I wish I had faith that religious nuts would wake up, but I don't.

On another note as we probe our genes we look at what a mess they are, no comments, no real structure, just a huge glob of code with no handbook. Really really complex, now for the people like me we will grind through the mass of code day after day, testing and adding comments and whitespace to make it readable, maintainable and extendable. Just because some people 'don't get it' doesn't mean the rest of us will simply stop working to understand and try and make life better. Intelligent design is real, but we are the ones doing the design work not some omni-present, omni-potent, all-knowing non-existant deity. Reality is unfortunately not quite so romantic but once you start really trying to think about how we got here and what comes next, the why is not so important.

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