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Upgrades and quantifiing what you have ....
Jan 18, 2005

We had a meeting with a client today that we have not met with in about 2 years. A happy customer who was wanting to know exactly what they have now and what upgrade options they have available to them. Since this is January and the business plan for theie online presence was under review they wanted to talk to us. This client is pretty typical for us(DW Alliance) basically a client gets on the system and after a few months they are on the system and the technology and processes blends so seamlessly with their organization they pretty much forget we are here.

One of the bigger things about big applications(in their case the publisher http://www.dwalliance.com/products/publisher/ and subscription management http://www.dwalliance.com/products/subscription_manager/) is that they typically have a surplus of features. Most often when you launch large applications you only use the features that you want at the time or the features that you can get working at that time. If you bought from a successful vendor (such as DW Alliance - shameless plug) then they will be continually adding new features. Periodically you should as a client ask your vendor about the application(s) you are using. The client I talked to today learned they were using less than half the features they had available(and are paying for) and could with only a minor upgrade in the service level could increase the number of features dramatically. All because they asked.

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Jimmy Brake is a businessman, writer, and father he lives in Oakland California with is wife and little girl. When he can pull himself away from family and business he enjoys body boarding and surfing.

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