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The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream
Apr 16, 2006

:) disclaimer I did not watch the movie ... but it looks pretty predictable ... one of those shows where lets preach to choir and make'em pay :) 


The problem with the no more cheap oil(energy) idea is that:

1. there is no depletion of oil - they keep finding more oil all the time

2. farmed ethanol and bio-diesel will be cheaper to produce than well drawn gas or diesel


Generally the American dream is alive and well and justs keeps getting closer and more affordable for more people all over the world. The extreme right and the extreme left are as stupid as they sound just ignore them, they both envision the world collapsing so that it can be remade to their demented dreams.


How much does air cost? How much does sun light costs? Who are the worlds best factory farmers? See? Makes you wonder why the present oil companies are there at all. Well that is simple the technology for factory farms did not exist when the industrial revolutions thirst for cheap energy blossomed. First to market .... it works.


That is it in a nutshell. Cool huh?


Is there anything you should do, well ya ... but I'll let you figure that out.


Ok ok you could send me money and I'll save you. Ha Ha ha I just love it. 


Live long and prosper.



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Jimmy Brake is a businessman, writer, and father he lives in Oakland California with is wife and little girl. When he can pull himself away from family and business he enjoys body boarding and surfing.

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