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Apr 24, 2006

I was moving my radius service from one server to another and rather than configure all the NAS clients to talk to a new IP I simply created a virtual nic and put the IP on it.


This is at 3AM and not to many users are up and using any of the networks we manage at that time and our tests worked fine. Later that morning we got some strang things in the logs lots of successful login attempts but nothing in the rad accounting table ...


So we failed back and tryed again this morning this time we put one of the client programs into debug mode and watched the some vonage phones attempt to login. Then we saw the error clear as day, not sure why I missed it yesterday.


 radius_ind() failed!

 "Received radius reply from wrong address"


Basically the radius server is recieving the initial login request on one IP but replies back on the other IP. I went ahead and configured the client programs to simply use the new IP ....  

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Jimmy Brake is a businessman, writer, and father he lives in Oakland California with is wife and little girl. When he can pull himself away from family and business he enjoys body boarding and surfing.

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