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May 12, 2006

We have two types of servers that require two network cards and the scripts that control those network cards need to know which card is plugged into the internet and which is plugged into a LAN.


So image eth0 being connected to the internet and eth1 being connected to a LAN. Now imagine a script that expects those cards to be connected to those places.


Suse changed to a system mac address labeled system this hard coded system means that your scripts are no longer guaranteed that eth0 and eth1 are where you thought they were. To me this makes know since nearly all flexible and useful computer programs use abstraction so you do not have to care about the hardware underneath, it just needs to run.


Fortuntely someone at Suse had the same idea as me allows you to set which card appears where. In the /etc/sysconfig/network there are config files for each network card.


Like this:




To make the cards stay in the order you need simply rename to the device your scripts are looking for.








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